Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Somewhere Else Today...

I'm actually working hard this weekend spitting and polishing, so while I have my next post in mind, I'm saving it for now.

Instead, I'll direct you to Meanderings and Muses where Kaye Barley graciously requested I 'guestblog'. Check out my post there and read some of the other guests' posts as well as those Kaye wrote.

Enjoy yourselves, and I'll have my new post here soon.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WC, TS, and DW

I haven't spent too much time in this blog talking about my Young Writers' Guide.

That would be because I haven't been working on it lately, and it's still not done. Its title is: Word Catchers, Tale Spinners, and Dream Weavers. Sounds familiar, huh? In fact, this blog was actually started to accompany the book. Of course, now it is a precursor. But, at any rate...

The book is majorly complete. It is based on my experience of 16 years coaching writing in elementary and middle school. It is NOT an English or grammar book, but a book that talks about writing and forms and inspiration. It has writing games and exercises and easy-to-understand analyses of what goes into, say a short story or poem or persuasive essay. It is geared, as this blog is, to the writer who is young in writing experience.

I have some more organizing and arranging to do. And I also have to write a couple more sections. Then I'll have to create a pitch, and find an agent or publisher to query. Then, if I'm lucky, I'll get to send it off.

Now, I'm no famous writer, and I'm not a great teacher. I am an adult, with some writing experience (paid), and a love for creating. I developed my ideas 'in the field' with students who were already somewhat interested in writing. And I have writing success stories among my students. I have to think that sharing these ideas is a good thing. Like any other writer, I have to believe in myself. And then I have to convince someone else to believe in me, too.