Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In The Mood

Yup. There it is on my to do list. Write blog. Uh-huh.

Sometimes I think the only thing harder than sitting down to write out a self-assignment is sitting down to write thank you notes. And my family can tell you how bad I am at those!

Of course it’s always easiest to hide behind some sort of task. Writing for work leaves me uninspired. I have to get the mail out. I have to take the trash out. I have to put the cat out – oops, Sorry. Cats stay in here.

As to the first – writing for work leaving me uninspired -- well, surely that’s true some of the time. Yet I have to admit, writing for work sure seems to have inspired my audience.

I put together the church newsletter where I work. I write a small column, and the rector addresses the parishioners with a full page. My predecessor, who still attends the church, can be counted on for another column most of the time. Then there are the Vestry members, all of whom periodically report to the parish via the newsletter. Some of them are writers, some are not, but generally speaking they have to be asked/reminded to write something. It’s easier for them if I do that. BUT…. Since we’ve been including three regular columns, something strange has happened. More people have found they want to write something for the epistle. People going off on vacation write to say how they’ll miss everyone, and what they’ll be doing while they’re away. One person – who is a writer by trade – reviewed a book that had inspired her. Another person wrote up the special study of prayer they’d just completed. One lovely lady wrote about her feelings for the U.S.A. for the 4th of July! Many of them said how they were inspired to write by what they’d read the previous month.

Wow. Spreading the Word AND the word! If they can be inspired by what they read that we wrote (hang in there with me), can we be inspired by what we wrote ourselves? Can we –okay, I – use that writing as a priming of the pump and write more?

I tend to think I can, if I don’t let myself cave in to the myth that I’ve tired myself out. Of course, I carry several projects at once – partly to keep from being bored. Sometimes that is overwhelming. Sometimes it means finishing a project drags out because I keep switching up. Usually, however, it means that I can find something I feel like working on. Something that will take inspiration from whatever writing mood I find myself in.

Do you have those? Writing moods? A day when you want to create, unfettered by previous chapters or outlines? A day when all you want to do is tighten and sharpen and refine, not dream up anything new? A time when you simply want to have your say? Tell me about them. And tell my how you put that mood and that time to good use.

I’d really like to know I’m not in some little boat by myself…because, of course, my boat is so small, and the sea is so large…..