Thursday, June 13, 2013

What do YOU do when your world goes away?

Okay, I don't mean when everything blows up on you, like a relationship or your job or worse. No, I'm referring to this. What do you do when the story is done, the characters settled down, and the world you worked so hard to create has dissipated?
Do you celebrate?
This time I stretched and grinned and jumped up and down and then let out a yell. Sometimes I just put my head down and go to sleep.

But then it hits me. PR work aside, there is still so much to do. I have to file stuff away, and then I have to make room for the next project. Honestly, this last time I went out on a freelance interview and then came home to outline the next Mackenzie Wilder/Classic Boat book  --> see the cover over there? on the sidebar? That's the second book in the series, Sweet Corn, Fields, Forever, which I've just published on It's available there and will soon be available at other ebook sites.  So now I've actually started #3.
Not to mention too loudly, gearing up to work on the mainstream novels I had to set aside to get Sweet Corn, Fields, Forever published.Or the freelance work that has picked up. Or the editing.
And we REALLY won't mention the house chores I need to take care of.

Yeah, life goes on. But what is really cool, is that it goes on with me continuing to do what I love.

I know some of you probably go camping or play baseball or football or basketball. Some of you dance or garden. But what do you really want to do when you finish a writing project?  Tell me in a comment.